As aforementioned, you’re not gonna spoilt for choices when it comes to grey marble’s shades. In other words, these are the types of grey marble stone for kitchen countertops. However, remember the fact that each block of a marble stone is unique with its patterns. You won’t find its replica anywhere whatsoever just like your finger patterns. That’s the wonder about this precious stone.

Let’s see them one by one.

1. Pietra Grey Marble for Kitchen Worktops:

Ever thought of Iran exporting any other thing other than its oil? Pietra Grey marble gives the apt answer. This stone is quarried in Isfahan city in Iran. The stone looks splendid with its muddy charcoal background and striking white veins throughout the surface. The Pietra grey marble kitchen worktops create a pleasing sense and stand out in looks.

If you look for choices from this beautiful stone surface in terms of designs and shades, you have plenty. Depending on your taste for your kitchen, select the one among them. For any expert advice on Pietra grey marble for kitchen worktops, dial up DialaWorktop today!

2. Grigio Billiemi Grey Marble for Kitchen Worktops:

Grigio Billiemi is another classic grey marble for kitchen worktops. Its name gives away where this popular grey stone surface is sourced i.e. from the quarries of Mount Billiemi, Italy. Coming to its look, its background shows dark greyish hue (read as dark grey venations) with sky-lit-with-stars patterns across the surface.

This grey beauty is known for its compactness and uniformity which add aptness coupled with the splendour of the Italian marble for kitchen spaces.

3. Palissandro Grey Marble for Kitchen Worktops:

Palissandro grey marble is yet another nature’s masterpiece well worth to be in your kitchen spaces. Though it’s another grey marble surface, you won’t find any similarity with other grey marble countertops except, like many others, it’s quarried from Italy as well.

The interesting thing about this kind of countertop is that you find different shades of grey hue both in its background and venation along with off-white to pink veins streamlined across the surface.

Want to witness the Palissandro grey marble in use? Milan and Pavia Cathedrals welcome you to behold its beauty!

4. Fior di Bosco Grey Marble Kitchen Worktops:

A grey marble kitchen worktop which displays a short, irregular cream to brown vein patterns all over its surface. The Bosco stone hails from Toscana, the heritage region of Italy. Given its dark grey backdrop coupled with silvery venation, this marble kitchen worktop mixes well the other interior kitchen aesthetics.

5. Silver Shadow Marble for Kitchen Worktops:

Looking for a kind of Turkish delight among the marble stone surfaces for your kitchen spaces? Then Silver Shadow marble can be the delightful choice for you. The marble looks smoky with the darker grey shades spread on its surface here and there. If you look for contemporary feel and look for your kitchen with a quaint touch of antiquity, this Turkish marble delight is a sure bet for creating such ambience

That’s all with the classic grey marble stones for your kitchen countertops. You see each grey marble is unique with its distinct natural characteristics. Now the ball is in your court to decide for which one to choose.

Why don’t you dial up DailaWorktop for expert advice?

Getting grey marble expert’s advice doesn’t go in vain when you can’t decide which grey marble to go with for your kitchen spaces. Feel free to contact DailaWorktop today. Our USP is: Twenty strong years of expertise in sourcing and shaping the stone surface according to your kitchen aesthetics and requirements.

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