Grey Quartz Worktops

Grey Quartz Worktops

If there is any mineral available in plenty and is ubiquitous, it’s none other than Quartz. Chemically, quartz is a combination of Silica and Oxygen formed as igneous rock in the sixteen-kilometer depth layer of the earth’s crust.
Grey Quartz Worktops

(As a matter of fact, there are two other types of rocks – sedimentary and metamorphic rocks. Marble – the building material used for various purposes like kitchen worktops and bathroom shower walls – is a metamorphic rock and a good competitor in the market to quartz stone products such as Grey Quartz Worktops.)

With its unique characteristics, this mineral presents itself as one of the most useful materials, which you cannot ignore, for kitchen worktops.

Quantity & Availability: Where can you find Quartz?

The goodness of the quartz is that the rock forms at all temperatures and is present all across the geographical locations, that too, in plentiful quantities.

This mineral is the main constituent of beach, desert and river sand. Since these geological formations are not restricted to one continent or region, the mineral deposits are available all over the earth.

Coming to its color variations, Quartz offers itself in almost all colour schemes. But the popular choice is – grey, white, yellow, purple, brown, black, pink, green and red. It seems like the latest iPhone color schemes found inspiration from this natural stone. You can pick and choose whichever color variant suits your taste, mood, kitchen space, and aesthetics.

Quarried or Engineered: Grey Quartz Worktops

If the quartz is a mineral, how come the stone experts and dealers talk of Grey Quartz Kitchen Worktops?

Well, there is no catch here. Even one of its rival stones in the market, the granite is made of ninety percent Quartz and the remaining ten with the chemical mix of feldspar, mica and sundry.

But the grey quartz countertops are man-made (or better, read the word as engineered to suit the needs of the building needs) with the chemical composition – 95 percent quartz mineral and the rest 5 percent polymer, resins, and pigments. The chemical combination overcomes the odds (or drawbacks) of the white marble kitchen worktops except the aesthetics and the premium feeling of the natural luxury stone.

Note: Quartz worktops brands which are available with us are:

1. Caesarstone

2. Cambria

3. KalingaStone

4. Nile Quartz Surfaces

5. Silestone

6. Unistone

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