Marble Worktops in Hampshire

Marble worktops are very on-trend for most of the building owners and constructors and this surface is one of our most popular stone with its combination of beauty, durability, and ease of maintenance, all at an affordable price. Marble kitchens are very on-trend and this surface is one of our most popular thanks to its combination of beauty, durability, and ease of maintenance, all at an affordable price.
Marble has a luminosity, brightness and smoothness to the touch that sets it apart from other natural stones. A metamorphic rock, formed when sediment crystallises under heat or pressure to form hard rock, marble is a form of limestone, the whiter the marble, the purer the limestone. We are the custom marble worktops suppliers in Hampshire have a wide range of patterns and colours which has Class, elegance and opulence of hallmark for Marble worktops, bathrooms, feature wall vanities, wall & floor cladding.

Marble Kitchen Worktops in Hampshire

Looking for the best material for your kitchen worktops?Its right time to give your kitchen a new lease of life by choosing the marble kitchen worktops in Hampshire. The main benefit of marble is porous which allows oils and stains to seep into the stone and softer than granite or quartz, allowing scratches and chips in kitchen. It also is soft enough to allow etching, which simply means that water and acids can leave marks that are barely visible on the surface (usually only seen if looking at the surface from a particular angle). Apart from that marble has its own features to get fits your dream kitchen.

Latest projects which are installed at various clients

Client 1: Striato Olympo Marble
We, DialAWorkTop transform your Kitchen with a stunning marble stone worktop. For any kind of kitchen layout, we supply durable, stylish stone, cut using our precision technology for the perfect finish. We’re one of the leading custom marble kitchen worktop suppliers in Hampshire who are immensely proud of our entire marble worktop installations and services with high quality and assurance
Client 2: Arabescato Marble combined with Grigio Londra Quartz

Marble Bathroom Worktops in Hampshire

Marble bathroom worktops will unify the look and can complement or contrast with the rest of the bathroom design, depending on whether you wish to achieve a co-ordinated effect or instant impact with an eye-catching surface solution. When picturing your perfect bathroom layout, it’s easy to imagine the essential elements like bath, basin, shower and maybe even brassware but all too often we overlook the one thing that ties everything together with our bathroom worktops. We are the top marble bathroom worktop in Hampshire to work closely with you to make the dream marble bathroom worktops in line with your existing decor, your preferred aesthetics and more besides.
When planning for a new project, our team will give ideas to kick-start your new worktop scheme.

Why Choose Us?

We are specialized in templating and fabricating revamp your kitchen and bathroom at the best price available at DialAWorkTop. We have supplied beautiful, natural and hard-wearing quartz, marble and granite worktops to countless happy customers. If you are looking for unique, decorative and durable marble worktops, DialAWorkTop has been leading the way for over 20 years has been instrumental in making both marble kitchen and bathroom worktops design affordable.

1. Excellent customer service

2.Superior craftsmanship

3.Vast sizes, colours, patterns and designs available

4.Specialist in Kitchen worktops

Marble Worktop Colours in Hampshire

The Marble effect work surfaces are an elegant choice and look stunning combined with a delicate pastel colour palette. Marble has different in colours combinations with hue, saturation and contrast which are preferring reliable marble worktop colours for your kitchen and bathrooms. The following are the most popular trending marble worktop colours for your marble worktops:

1. Grey Marble Worktops

2. Carrara Marble Worktops

3. White Marble Worktops

4. Brown Marble Worktops

5. Black Marble Worktops

The marble worktops are much more sustainable than other material but they certainly all have their pros and cons, it’s always sensible to do your research. There are often debates about the sustainability of marble which is non-renewable and the extraction process uses a lot of energy, and supplies will eventually run out depending on demand. so it really is worth seeking out quality as it will repay you in so many ways in the future.

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