Marble kitchen worktops offer timeless elegance and durability, but choosing between matte and glossy finishes for kitchen worktops, it’s important to understand how each option can impact your kitchen’s overall look and practicality. Let’s explore the characteristics of matte vs. glossy marble kitchen worktops to help you determine the ideal choice based on your preferences and lifestyle.

Matte Finish Marble Kitchen Worktops


Matte Finish Marble Kitchen Worktops are less reflective, hides scratches and nicks better, reduces glare, disguises food spills.


These kitchen worktops make small kitchens appear smaller, shows smudges and dirt more easily (especially on light colours)

Glossy Finish Marble Kitchen Worktops


Glossy Finish Marble Kitchen Worktops make small kitchens appear larger, reflects light for a brighter feel, easier to clean stains


These kitchen worktops show scratches and nicks more visibly, requires more frequent cleaning to maintain shine.

Glossy vs Matte Which is best?

It depends on your priorities:

Choose matte finish marble kitchen worktop if:
    • You dislike glare
    • Scratch and nick resistance is important
    • You don’t mind more frequent cleaning for smudges
Choose glossy finish marble kitchen worktops if:
    • You have a small kitchen
    • You want a bright and airy feel
    • Easy stain cleanup is a priority
Additional factors to consider:

Material: Not all marble kitchen worktops come in both finishes.
Colour: Lighter colours tend to show imperfections more on both finishes.
Lighting: Consider the amount of natural and artificial light in your kitchen.

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What are the marble kitchen worktops that come in both the finishes?

There are no definitive list of marble varieties that come in both matte and glossy finishes because most marble comes from quarries and the finishing process is applied by kitchen worktop fabricators based on customer preference. However, some popular marble types are more likely to be available in both finishes:

Carrara Marble Kitchen Worktops:

This classic white marble kitchen worktops with gray veining is a popular choice for kitchens. It can be found in both matte and Glossy finishes.

Calacatta Marble Kitchen Worktops:

Similar to Carrara marble kitchen worktops, but with bolder, more dramatic veining. It’s also commonly available in both finishes.

Statuario Marble Kitchen Worktops:

A luxurious white marble kitchen worktops with finer, gray veining. It can be more challenging to find in a matte finish, but some fabricators may offer it.

Crema Marfil Marble Kitchen Worktops:

These marble kitchen worktops are a popular choice for its warm cream colour and subtle veining. It’s more likely to be available in a matte finish, but Glossy versions may also be available.

Here are some tips for finding marble kitchen worktops in your desired finish:

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