Quartz Worktop Colours

Quartz Worktop Colours

Quartz worktops are getting more familiar day by day. The versatility of the material and the spectrum of quartz worktop makes a favourite pick among most homeowners. While granite has been dominating stone in the market ever since it got introduced in the market, but quartz is the recent buzz.

A variety of colour pigmentations can be infused to any quartz stone. The Quartz stone that offers incredible colour shades in opulence but you should not miss the three most dominating quartz worktops colours that impact the kitchen countertop industry.

5 Most popular quartz worktop colours in trend:

Here we discussed on most popular Quartz worktops colours that are suitable for your kitchen design.

1.Grey quartz worktops:

Grey quartz worktops are manufactured with 7 percent polymer resin and 93 percent quartz. Grey colour imitates the appearance and feel of granite.
The reason why the market witnesses a steady increase in the demand for grey quartz worktops is because these work surfaces are easy to keep clean and look after. While fingerprints or hand-prints are slightly visible on dark grey worktops, they are hidden on lighter grey tones.
For instance, soft grey lends a perfect tone for a sophisticated kitchen look with the right choice of wall paints, flooring materials and soft grey quartz worktop.

2.Black quartz worktops:

The colour black has the ability to steal the show. Using the black colour of quartz worktops works incredibly for your kitchen that claims a highly elegant charm like no other hues. It is a fantastic addition to a given space such as kitchen or other parts of your home, business or office.
Since quartz is non-porous, it resists stains. Therefore, installing black quartz worktops means you can easily maintain the material and not worry about stubborn stains from oil, juice, coffee, and others. As for cleanliness, the non-porous surface does not allow viruses or bacteria to grow inside.

3.White quartz worktops:

White kitchen worktops are a very versatile element for any kitchen scheme. It brings a fresh and classy look to any kitchen space, irrespective of the decor, shape and size. White quartz worktops possess of 93 percent of pure quartz that makes it one of nature’s finest stones. This signifies that the surface is impervious to spills, stains and scratches. The colour white, however, needs a fair amount of cleaning to maintain its brilliance.

4.Brown quartz worktops:

Brown quartz is one of the popular worktops materials that sell the most because of its outstanding performance and great qualities. Since quartz is vastly abundant on Earth, there is an availability of a multitude of colour options. One of the colours that have been increasingly getting much attention is brown quartz countertops because of the delightful and stunning appearance.some of the most beautiful brown quartz countertops that are a part of our timeless Engineered Stone Collection like Ginger Quartz, Henley quartz from Cambria, Rosslyn Cambria, Hampshire Cambria Etc,.

5.Blue quartz worktops:

Blue Quartz is one of the traditional choice among the amazing colour-ways that offered with engineered Quartz worktops.It was also available in a darker shade (Navy Stardust), these worktops featured with a fine mirrored fleck scattered of the subtle blue base colour. Blue Quartz worktops certainly offer a great alternative to the regular black and brown worktops due to the different resins that are mixup to make the Quartz.

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