A kitchen refurbishment can be an important part of your home renovation project. Many homeowners make the mistake of buying a kitchen without thinking too deeply about its potential or neglecting to consider the costs.  In many cases, a kitchen refurbishment is a good idea when you have a property with a dated kitchen. Remodelling your kitchen, even if it costs you more money, can provide you with a chance to start fresh and invest in high-quality appliances and other fixtures. In this article, we will discuss five reasons to get a kitchen refurbishment and some kitchen refurbishment ideas 2023. Consider the costs involved when installing new fixtures as they may seem like a large investment at first, but they can save you money in the long run.

Average Kitchen Renovation Cost in 2023

Finding out how much it would cost you to get your dream kitchen can often be scary. Kitchens can be difficult to update on a small budget but this doesn’t mean you’re out of luck. There are lots of ways to add new life and style to your kitchen that don’t cost much money. A kitchen renovation is a tricky and expensive investment and you will need to put in a lot of thought into what you want.

The materials and labour involved in a small kitchen refurbishment will vary depending on the size of the room and what’s already there and the nature of the work. This is a typical example of a small kitchen renovation costing £10,500. “The Average cost of a kitchen renovation in 2023 ranges between £10,000 to £15,500”. Kitchens can be completely redecorated or simply refurbished to update the look and feel of the room without any extra work on the structure or layout of the room.

Kitchen refurbishments usually involve structural improvements such as plumbing work or alterations to the floor or walls. The standard installation costs for these components could be as high as £3,500. Other extras can include sink taps, dishwasher, hob and cooker hoods that could cost up to £1,000. Not all kitchens will need all these improvements but if you are looking for a complete makeover it is worth getting several quotes to create the kitchen of your dreams at an affordable price.

Reasons to Remodel your Kitchen

You might be thinking about refurbishing your kitchen for years or you might be a new homeowner (Well, Congrats!). The kitchen is the heart of your home hence you have every reason to remodel it.

The following are some major reasons to consider refurbishing your kitchen in 2023:

1. Improve Functionality & Eliminate Inconvenience

2. Upgrade to Meet Your Family’s Needs

3. Upgrade to Fit Your Personal Style

4. Boost Your Home’s Resale Value

5. Increase Energy & Water Savings


Kitchen Refurbishment Ideas 2023

Initially, kitchens were just rooms with a sink, but now they are highly-designed rooms that are used for preparing food and hosting guests. To create a comfortable space you need good lighting, ventilation and space for activity. Then you need to consider how to use the kitchen. If you are a small family, then a large-sized kitchen with a larger dining table is not necessary.  On the other hand, if you need to accommodate many people and many activities at once, then bigger is better.

Next, think about the natural light and airflow inside your kitchen.  You need to enjoy working in your kitchen overall. If the kitchen gets little light overall, you will want to think about how to bring more natural light inside this space through new windows or skylights.

When it comes to ventilation, think about the pros and cons of a double-glazed kitchen door.  The argument is that they create a more quiet and pleasant work environment for you, but on the other hand, they will keep heat in your kitchen when it’s cold outside.  The other option is to install a lot of ceiling and wall vents. Consider what appliances and features you will need in your kitchen. If you like to cook, then you will need a lot of counter space for food preparation and several large, sturdy cabinets for storage. You might also want to install an island unit, which makes it easier to access the kitchen from all sides. Another feature that contributes to comfort is a ventilation hood above the main cooking area: it can prevent steam and smoke from blocking other areas in the kitchen and vents the hot air out of the room.

The following are some kitchen refurbishment ideas that you can consider:

1. Paint Dated Kitchen Cabinets

2. Add a Kitchen Island

3. Countertop Flair

4. Upgrade Your Appliances

5. Make a Nook Cozy

6. Focus on Flooring

7. Remember the Little Things

Kitchen cost calculator

Nowadays, you can utilize kitchen cost calculators to estimate your kitchen refurbishment cost. These calculators are available online where all you need to do is provide input values as per your requirements and an estimated cost will be provided to you.



Kitchens used to be very simple things: a little cooking and eating area, maybe a source of heat and light, and then you left.  Today’s kitchens are a whole lot different.  The biggest change in kitchens is the incorporation of more technology.  You can find all sorts of technologies inside today’s homes, but thanks to the popularity of cooking reality shows, you have a wider variety of cooking devices available than ever before. Hence, there is an equal demand for kitchen refurbishing as the technology upgrades. We hope this article increased your knowledge about kitchen refurbishing and cleared your doubts

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