The white granite nearly offers a dozen varieties for kitchen countertops, sourced from around the world.
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Types of white granite colors

9 Types of White Granite Countertops

1. Kashmir White Granite:

This white granite surface with black or brown dots across its surface has nothing to do with Kashmir region in India, but it is sourced from the southern part of the country.

2. River White Granite:

River white granites sourced from India showcase grey veining over a near off-white base. If you look at this granite from a far off, its hue is similar to that of a river. Hence, it’s name – River White.

3. Piracima Okinawa White:

This white granite is sourced from the Pantanal region of Brazil. Pisacima white granite displays irregular, light to dark thick veining over its white base.

4. Topazio White Granite:

Topazio white is a creamy shade of white granite with black flecks here and there on its base. For that reason, it blends well with both light and dark hue interiors. White Topazio is quarried from Brazil.

5. Viscount White Granite:

This granite for your kitchen worktops is sourced from southern India. It has so many other names like Madanapalli White, Bianco Viscount, etc. It’s quarried from the bedrock with changing veining pattern within the surface.

6. Cosmic White Granite:

This beautiful white granite stone is sourced from India. The surface showcases a wavy thick to thin veining patterns of dark hue all over it.

7. White Macaubas Granite:

White Macaubas granite is classic granite for it gives you such a tranquil feeling with its nearly vanishing charcoal veins on its white base. This granite surface is sourced from Brazil.

8. Andromeda White Granite:

Sourced from India, this granite has a light grey vein patterns over its white base. If you don’t want the vein pattern to disturb you, this granite is the best choice.

9. Ambrosia/Moon White Granite:

The white granite surface extravagantly shows off its burgundy (deep reddish-brown) spots and grey veins on its surface. It’s ideal for contrast kitchen aesthetics.

So, it all depends on your aesthetic tastes and budget to choose from these many varieties of white granite kitchen worktops. Contact us at DialaWorktop for proper guidance and make your dreams of having a tranquil kitchen ambiance with the right kitchen worktop come true.

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