Bianco Eclypse Calacatta Granite Kitchen Worktops






20 mm, 30 mm

Bianco Eclypse Calacatta is a type of quartzite that is known for its beautiful white colour and veining that is similar to that of Calacatta marble. It is a popular choice for kitchen and bathroom worktop because of its durability and resistance to scratching, staining, and chipping. Like other types of quartzite, it is a naturally occurring metamorphic rock that is formed under high heat and pressure, making it a strong and durable material. Its low porosity also makes it easy to maintain and keep clean. DialAWorktop offers best Bianco Eclypse Calacatta Granite Kitchen Worktops in London UK

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Frequently Asked Questions

How durable is Bianco Eclypse Calacatta (Quartzite)?
Quartzite is a very hard and dense material, making it highly resistant to scratches and chips. It is also stain resistant, making it a practical choice for kitchen worktop and other surfaces that may come into contact with liquids and other materials.
Can Bianco Eclypse Calacatta (Quartzite) be used outdoors?
Quartzite is a durable material that can be used outdoors in certain applications, such as outdoor worktop or flooring.
How do I care for Bianco Eclypse Calacatta (Quartzite)?
To care for Bianco Eclypse Calacatta (Quartzite), it is important to clean up spills immediately to prevent stains. Use a soft cloth or sponge and a mild detergent or stone cleaner to wipe down the surface, and then dry it thoroughly. Avoid using abrasive cleaners or scouring pads, as these can damage the surface of the quartzite.
Can Bianco Eclypse Calacatta (Quartzite) be polished or sealed?
Quartzite is a porous material, so it can benefit from being sealed to help protect it from stains and other damage. Sealing can also help to enhance the natural colour and shine of the stone.