Granite Worktops in London

Granite worktops are made from natural granite stone. They are cut and polished to a smooth finish, and then sealed to protect them from stains and bacteria. Granite is a hard and strong natural stone, making it a popular choice for kitchen worktops. Granite Kitchen Worktops are resistant to scratches, heat, and impact, making it a practical and long-lasting choice for kitchen environments. 

DialAWorktop has a wide range of colours and patterns. We specialize in the supply and installation of Granite kitchen worktops in London, UK that can add a unique touch to any kitchen. Granite Kitchen Worktops at DialAWorktop offer both practicality and aesthetic appeal. Granite worktops are often considered as a high-end worktop option. The price varies depending on the quality and granite colour, as well as the size and thickness of the worktop.

Our team of experts can guide you through the process of choosing the perfect worktop for your kitchen and give you a quote for the service.

The cities we exist include Essex, Hampshire, London, Oxfordshire, Hertfordshire

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What are Granite Worktops?

Human ability to take out granite from earth’s crust and to be able to make it into a worktop is possible due to an amazing ‘marriage’ of technology and human endeavour. Granite worktops are Strong, Sturdy, Suave and Solid.

Granite is a natural stone commonly found in the earth’s crust(technically speaking, in the continental crust that makes up the continents). The molten magma, that is igneous rocks, forms into a hard granular-texture stone when cooled and solidified in the earth in the infinitesimally long time. The word “granite” comes from the Latin granum, which means a ‘Grain’.

Granite is one of the hardest known materials known to mankind, making it ideal to be used as worktops. Granite is mined in a lot of countries, making it available in lots of colours and patterns, while every block is unique.

Having a Granite worktop is like bringing history into your kitchen with its legacy of hundreds of years which nature takes to make it.

Why Choose Granite Kitchen Worktops at DialAWorkTop?

1. We at DialAWorkTop offer lots of varieties, texture, hue, thickness and colours of Granite for you to choose from.

2. Our in-house team of designers helps you choose the right stone keeping in mind your requirements and our highly skilled fabricators and fitters finish the job with utmost skill and seamless quality which does justice to the stone and its rightful owner too!

3. With over two decades of experience in sourcing stone, we have established great contacts with suppliers all over the UK and abroad.

4. We provide sample service for a granite worktop by sending you the exact sample of stone which block is available at the supplier.

What are the Benefits of Granite Worktops?

Granite worktop is an ideal choice for a working kitchen, busy office, high traffic hospitality industry which include bar tops, vanity tops and work surfaces.

1. Granite surfaces are durable. They are nearly as hard as man-made quartz surfaces. So its longevity is a big plus if you do not wish to change a countertop for a long time.

2. Heat-resistant. This benefit is another huge plus point of granite worktops. We can keep hot dishes/pans on its surface without the aid of heating pads. Granite stones are formed at an extremely high temperature and pressure circumstances over a long period, the hotness of your dishes/pans is relatively negligible. Thus, a granite surface naturally resists heat.

3. Granite worktops fade in colour the least: This advantage can be attributed to the addition of minerals during the infinitesimally slow process of cooling and solidification of the extremely hot magma. Hence, there should be no worry that granite will lose its colour.

4. Granite is scratch and impact resistant to a certain degree. As with all the work surfaces, it does require care and logical impacts for it to last forever. Rest assured, with some care and maintenance it will serve you for a lifetime.

5. Hygienic surface. The worktops are relatively bacteria-free, with good maintenance. You can cleanse/wipe it out with an antibacterial solution.

6. Granite doesn’t stain with sealing. The surface requires a sealing to keep kitchen stains at bay. Resealing at set intervals will prevent staining.

7. Low maintenance involved. Compared to marble stone surface, they hardly require much attention and care. You can keep maintaining them with minimal attention for a long time.

8. Unique Blocks. No granite block is exactly the same as another block, this is what makes natural stone worktops unique, and you can say‘That particular stone was born for you!’

Types of Granite Worktops:

Moving on to the types of this natural stone surface, the type of surface varies based on the (cheap) granite worktops colour. Each colour variant of granite tells us about its mineral combination at the core and origin of the stone. The most common granite colour choices are grey, white, black, blue, green and red.

The most striking feature of granite is that it is seldom made up of one colour. It is mostly a combination of colours, this is what makes it unique and striking. Most popular granite worktops in London (colours):

1. Grey Granite Kitchen Worktops:

Grey granite worktop is one of the all-time favourite colour which refuses to go out of fashion! It creates a vibrant yet mellow feel to any kitchen or bathroom project.

Granite gives us the luxury of choosing from a very wide range of Grey, namely Nero Impala from South Africa to Steel grey from India to Mystic grey from Brazil!

Our website displays a whole range of Grey colour variants for you to choose from.

2. White Granite Kitchen Worktops:

White is the most tranquil colour in Granite worktops. Granite generally does not come in completely plain white, as its fundamental formation does not allow monogamous colouring of any kind. Having said that, some of the nice whites we have in our arsenal are Cosmic white, Kashmir white, Colonial white, Alaska white, and Moon white.

All the above colours are predominately white with hues of Magenta, Burgundy, Grey patterns and a vivid mixture of grey and black.

White adds a lot of light and space to any kitchen or bathroom project.

3. Black Granite Kitchen Worktops:

Black granite works wonders with any colour of cabinets. This feature makes it the most popular among all colours of Granite. Black coloured stone is the hardest granite type as its composition is very tight.

Black granite comes in a lot of interesting combinations of colours like Black with brass/gold specks called Black Galaxy or Star Galaxy, Black with Silver flecks called Nero Cosmos or Stargate. If we go a bit wilder we have Granites called Black Forest and Cosmic black which adds a touch of opulence to any worktop or island.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ’s):

1. Which is more expensive, granite or quartz?

Some granites are more expensive than quartz and vice versa. The cost of granite and quartz varies due to a number of factors that decide the final cost of a counter. Each stone, colour, design of the worktop, thickness etc is priced differently.

2. What colours is granite available in?

With the growing popularity of quartz worktops in today’s market, clients often overlook granite worktops in the belief that they will be restricted by colour options. Granite is available in numerous colours with varying sizes of veins/speckles.

3. I have seen a granite I like, but can’t see it on your Granite products page. Can you get it?

If you do not see a granite on our website, please do email us. We are able to source materials from all over the world. We just need to know what you are looking for.

4. Why buy Granite worktops in London from DialAWorkTop?

We offer a free sample service which allows you to see and feel the quality of the material before you make your decision. When it comes to granite, we encourage our clients to see the whole slab, giving you the option to hand-pick the slab/s that will be used for your worktop. We want to make sure you make the right choice as this, in many cases, is a once in a lifetime project.