Quartz Worktops in London

Quartz surfaces are highly resistant to stain and scratch and made to almost any conceivable colour and design. Quartz is a superb, hard-wearing stone ideal for any home project. Quartz surfaces are literally maintenance-free due to their and zero bacteria characteristics. Below are the brands that we offer for quartz worktops in London, UK.

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What are Quartz Worktops?

Over the years, Quartz worktops have gained tremendous popularity among interior designers, fabricators and homeowners alike. That fame attributes to a good number of useful reasons especially to the end-user – the buyer. One of the strongest factors is that the quartz surfaces are engineered to bespoke specifications of a kitchen space, which strengthens their share in the world of worktops among its natural stone rivals – marble and granite.

For further reading on the advantages of the quartz countertops, refer to a host of benefits listed in the later sections of the article.

Why choose quartz worktops at DialAWorkTop?

First, the knowledge and expertise about the quartz worktops in London acquired over twenty strong year’s sets DialAWorkTop apart from the rest. This understanding of the material helps us source and select top quality quartz from around the world.

Second, we have cutting-edge machinery and professional-trained masons to make your vision for a kitchen worktop a dream come true, from the raw material to a beautiful piece of craftsmanship.

Third, DialAWorkTop serves you all over the London, with quartz worktops of your preferred choice and customized to your design specifications. And finally, avail our services according to budget  – from a cheap quartz worktop to the premium look and feel one.

What are the benifits of Quartz worktops?

The unique characteristics of quartz worktops offer homeowners a host of benefits which lack in the other natural stone countertops. Here is a list of some of the helpful as well as cost-saving benefits:

1. Quartz worktops are durable. That means, their lifespan is exceptionally long due to their hardness when compared to the relative softness of the rest of natural stone worktops.

2. Limitless design patterns.

3. Since available in a wide range of quartz worktops colours, you will be spoilt for choice. And the quartz itself is virtually available in all colours.

4. Scratch, stain and impact resistant.

5. Hygienic i.e. bacteria-free as the quartz surfaces eliminate the penetration and accumulation of foreign bodies due to their non-porous surfaces.

6. Simple cleansing required. You can use ordinary household soaps for the purpose.

7. No sealing required. That is, you incur low maintenance cost to keep the worktop in good condition.

8. Beautifully blends with other decor in indoor spaces. Create your desired ambiance as per your taste and mood from the variety of quartz worktops colours.

Types of Quartz Worktops

Coming to the types of quartz worktops in London, you find innumerable variations. However, the three main types of worktops – grey, white and black – predominates the rest. Even from these three types, you get a variety of hues and subsequently designs.

Let’s discuss the best of them now.

1. Grey Quartz Kitchen Worktops:
Of all the types of quartz worktops, the grey quartz kitchen worktops are a class apart. Given the multiple shades of its hue and a well-blending character with other design aesthetics, these worktops offer a great deal of choice for builders and homeowners alike. Besides, the quartz surfaces virtually pamper you with unlimited designs. For this reason, the grey quartz worktops are winners!

Since the grey quartz worktops are from the same family of quartz worktops, they offer the same quintessential benefits mentioned above but differ from the look and feel of its aesthetics.

If you are a brand-conscious buyer, DialAWorkTop will provide you top brands for your home needs – from Ceasarstone to Cambria to KalingaStone to sundry. To get an idea before you buy a grey quartz worktop, in case you need, use the colour and brand filter on the site page.

2. White Quartz Kitchen Worktops:
 So, you are fond of the luxurious stone the white marble (or, you prefer any white stone to non-white others)? But it annoys you when you mess up with spills, lingering stains, and other familiar drawbacks of the marble. 

White quartz kitchen worktops substitute white aristocratic marble worktops as the best possible alternative, with all the cost-saving advantages of quartz worktops especially low maintenance cost in the long run.

Also, the lovely countertop brightens up your space, which is an added advantage, especially for kitchen spaces.

To get the premium stone feeling, white quartz worktops come in different sizes of vain patterns. Since the quartz surfaces are engineered, you can have vein patterns of your choice – their colour, size and all.

For samples of the white quartz worktops on DialAWorkTop, select the colour and the brand from the filter and see how different shades and designs of this quartz stone look in all aspects for your kitchen spaces.

3. Black Quartz Kitchen Worktops:
Black is ever popular and preferred colour (to others), because the colour represents the qualities as elegance and sophistication among other interpretations. Just from the black quartz worktops, you get a good dozen shades of this colour (such as onyx, sable, midnight and so on) and countless designs and styles. 

With the black quartz kitchen countertops, you make an authoritative kitchen statement, of course aesthetics-wise.

Since it’s a quartz surface, it inherits all the goodness of quartz for worktops. Even more so, you cannot spot the stains, which you might encounter in other natural stones, on this countertop that relatively easily. Remember this: quartz surfaces are stain-proof (with a 99 per cent probability).

Check out the brands and hues for black quartz worktops from DialAWorkTop.

cases, is a once in a lifetime project.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. How much do quartz worktops cost?

The following factors determine the final cost of a quartz worktop: design layout, cutouts, edging, total size of the quartz surface, and the travel distance from DialAWorkTop to the jobsite

2. Are quartz worktops cheaper than granite?

As mentioned above, the cost of a worktop depends on several factors. By all means, quartz worktops cost anything about 15% to 35% per square foot (in the total cost) more than that of granite.

3. Which is more expensive granite or quartz?

Undoubtedly, quartz costs more than granite. Again, a good number of factors decide the final cost of a counter – quartz or granite.

4. Do quartz worktops stain?

No, they do not. Unlike its natural counterparts, quartz, the man-made stone surface, nearly eliminates staining the surface. They are stain-proof.

5. What is the cheapest quartz countertop?

By all means, it depends on some factors like – source (or brand), design specifications including the size of a countertop, installation (for more complex worktops), and travel distance between DialAWorkTop and your kitchen space.

6. How can you tell the quality of quartz countertops?

The colour consistency and shining of the quartz countertops tell you how good they are. Both qualities should be consistent all through the slab (in all sides of the quartz surface).

7. Why buy Quartz worktops from DialAWorkTop?

We offer a free sample service which allows you to see and feel the quality of the material before you make your decision. In some cases a small sample does not paint a real picture so we offer the ability for you to see the whole slab and handpick the slab/s that will be used for your worktop. We want to make sure you make the right choice as this, in many cases, is a once in a lifetime project.