Marazzi – “The Top”

The Top, a selection of large size porcelain stoneware Marazzi slabs – distinguished by matt, satin and glossy surfaces that are extremely sophisticated – specially designed for the creation of tops, backsplashes, tables, doors and infinite tailor-made furnishing options for residential and commercial location.

Porcelain countertops are made from ceramic clay, and mineral colouring making it a highly durable, non-porous surface. Heating and firing process in its manufacturing process gives it unparalleled strength making them appx 40% stronger than its counterparts like Granite and Quartz worktops. Porcelain is the best choice for indoor as well as also outdoor counter tops. Porcelain slabs can be made in variety of colours depicting natural marble, granite and patterns are plenty and with many that look like marble and other natural stone.

Porcelain has long been a popular choice for walls and flooring, of late due to its above qualities it is now much in demand for kitchen worktops too.

Sizes available :
12 mm: 324 x 162
 6 mm: 320 x 160

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Guaranteeing the perfect mix of light composition, solid construction, style and technical performance, Marazzi slabs are suited to the creation of a potentially infinite range of furnishing elements, surfaces and other custom solutions in residential, commercial and public locations.


Maintenance :

For daily porcelain countertop cleaning, a damp microfibre cloth is sufficient. For regular cleaning use a neutral liquid detergent with a soft sponge or microfibre cloth.

We at Nile Trading UK Ltd are associated with one of the best companies of Italy called ‘Marazzi – The Top’ which manufactures porcelain slabs of the highest quality, their expertise in ceramic and porcelain industry span decades which makes them one of the best companies for porcelain slabs.