Marble Worktops in London

Marble is known for its unique veining patterns and natural beauty, which can vary depending on the mineral content of the original limestone or dolomite rock. DialAWorktop specializes in manufacturing and installing the best marble worktops in London, UK for residential and commercial properties. Marble worktops are a popular choice for kitchen and bathroom Worktops due to their durability and elegant appearance. 

We offer a wide range of marble options, including Carrara, Calacatta, Statuario etc, as well as customizable edge profiles, cutouts, and finishes. We also provide a professional installation service to ensure that the worktop is properly fitted and sealed.

Marbles at DialAWorkTops are more suitable for decorative and low-use surfaces and require regular maintenance to keep it looking its best.

The cities we exist include Essex, Hampshire, London, Oxfordshire, Hertfordshire

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What are Marble Worktops?

Marble is a natural stone, formed under the Earth’s crust, hence classified as a Metamorphic rock. Over a period of time when layers of limestone & calcium carbonate are subjected to heat and pressure, this beautiful thing called ‘ Marble’ takes shape.

Marble kitchen worktops in London are found in different colour variants, hues and patterns. Italian marble tops the table with the highest production of luxurious marble followed by Spanish and Turkish marble.

In the by-gone era, marble was a Hobson choice from aristocratic mansions to iconic monuments to magnificent statues. Nowadays, marble kitchen worktops are an affordable luxury due to the advent of new technologies which make availability of good block of marble available in abundance.

Why Choose Marble Kitchen Worktops at DialAWorkTop?

If you are looking for an expert marble worktops in London or bathroom projects in the United Kingdom contact us now. Our twenty long years of expertise in the field will certainly help you get the right kind of marble kitchen countertops, within your colour and design requirements.

As mentioned above, our thorough knowledge about sourcing and selection of marble stone coupled with our professional and skillful masons make a perfect one-stop solution for all your marble countertop needs.

And guess what! At DialAWorkTop, the marble worktop price never goes out of reach of every kind of homeowner. Just ask us and we will provide you with the best possible value for your money without cutting corners on quality.

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What are the Benefits of Marble Worktops?

1. Marble is a marvelous stone which adds a dollop of opulence and luxury to any project, be it worktop, cladding, feature wall, staircase or bathroom .

2. We have listed some of the many benefits of marble kitchen tops, so it makes your choice to go for Marble clear and easy.

3. Marble softness for elegant designs. The reason why marble is an apt choice for kitchen worktops is its softness, this softness is the reason it looks light and full of elegance. This softness is also the reason why Marble used in worktops and bathroom projects gives the space a light and grand look at the same time.

4. Porousness gets it a glossy look. The porous character of the rock contributes to both the boon and bane side of it. Compared to other natural rocks, marble is slightly more porous than other stones. The porousness of the marble allows the light to pass through its surface to some extent and reflect all over. Even for small kitchens, it augurs well because you get a spacious feel with its illumination character.

5. Distinctive marble kitchen tops. The stone has intrinsic veins and patterns running across it. The veins and patterns are not the same for each block of marble you get out of the quarry. You won’t find an identical block anywhere in the world. Each block is one of a kind!

6. Durable and polish-able to high lustre. Like its natural rivals – granite and quartz, marble is relatively durable too. This advantage partly depends on your good keeping of the surface.

Types of Marble Kitchen Worktops:

1. Grey Marble Kitchen Worktops:If you want a marble top but not a white one, then a grey marble kitchen worktop is one of the best alternatives you have. Grey marble surfaces come with veins large to small running across the surface, with different shades of the surface. This colour shade of the surface covers some of the drawbacks of white marble stone, which otherwise stick out from a pure white one.

Here is the list of popular grey marble worktops in London.
A. Fior di Bosco – Quarried from the cultural hotbed of Tuscany region in Italy, Fior di Bosco is a grey marble with silver shade all over, with veins branching out across its surface.

B. Pietra Grey – A classic grey marble with thick veins running across the slab. This lovely stone sourced from Iran makes your kitchen spaces beautiful and soothing.

C. Grigio Billiemi – The name tells you where it is from – Mount Billiemi, Italy. It’s a dark grey marble with galaxy-like patterns all over the surface.

D. Palissandro Grey Marble – It’s a kind of grey marble sourced from Italy with a bunch of pattern designs streamlined across the slab.

E. Silver Shadow Marble – This Turkish delight (sourced from Turkey) for kitchen spaces with smokey grey surface and darker shadow pattern in varying degrees.

2. White Marble Kitchen Worktops:By and large, the white marble has three luxurious varieties – Calacatta, Carrara and Statuario. To a layman, all these premium stones look alike. He/She will not see any difference between them. These marbles sport white background. However, Carrara white marble has a white-greyish colour combination with apparent linear veins. Ex: Bianco Carrara white marble worktop.

On the other hand, Calacatta marble is whiter than Carrara and showcases striking, thick veins in golden or brown hue. The types of Calacatta marble are – Calacatta Oro, Calacatta Gold and Calacatta Vagil.

Coming to Statuario marble, the only thing that differs from Calacatta is the hue of veins. They change from golden to greyish. Of all three varieties of white marble, this one is the most expensive and is quarried in Italy.

Some other varieties of white marble worktops in London are as follows: Arbescato Vagil, Arabescato Corchia and Thassos.

Coming to marble worktops in cream colour, you can have a choice from the following: Crema Marfil, Crema Valencia, Crema Beige and Crema Cenia.

So, the whiter the marble stone, the more precious it becomes.

3. Black Marble Kitchen Worktops:Black marble worktops are a bold choice. They make a design statement and blend with all the other interior designs within the home. These surfaces have the same pros and cons as of white marble countertops except the hue and bespoke design patterns.

Here below you can see the two most popular varieties of black marble worktops:

A. Nero Marquina Marble – Sourced from the Markina region of Spain, it’s high quality black stone for kitchen worktops with milky white veins on its surface.

B. Noir St Laurent Marble – This is a classic black marble for worktops with golden to white veins over its surface. Noir St Laurent is quarried from France.

Have a look at our marble collection to see a full range of colours available at DialAWorkTop.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ’s):

1. How much does a marble worktop cost?The cost of a marble worktop depends on various factors such as source, selection, design specifications and so on.

2. Is marble cheaper than quartz?Some marble is cheaper and some is not. Marble varies in price as does quartz which makes this a difficult question to answer.

3. Is marble good as a Kitchen top ?This is the most sought after question when it comes to choosing natural stone worktop. Answer is Yes it is ok to use marble for kitchen worktops if you can take care of it and maintain it well.
Due to its softness It requires more maintenance than other surfaces, which goes with any luxury product. This should not deter anyone to use it as a Kitchen Top as advantages of a Chic looking Marble worktop far outweighs its maintenance part.

4. What is the best countertop for your money?The best countertop is what fits best for your kitchen specifications, budget, aesthetics of other interior designs, and so on. For more help, contact DialAWorktop.

5. What is the lowest maintenance countertop?Between Granite, Quartz, Marble and Porcelain worktops Granite and Quartz are clear winners as far as maintenance goes for using them as kitchen worktops.
In short all countertops require maintenance and logical usage one way or the other. Extreme usage of anything will damage the worktop let it be Granite, Quartz or Marble.
So do take care of your worktop, afterall it is the crown of your kitchen and dresses up your living and bathroom space elegantly !