Bianco Eclypse (Quartzite) Granite Kitchen Worktops






20 mm, 30 mm

Bianco Eclypse is a type of quartzite, a natural stone that is often used for worktop, splashbacks, and other home surfaces. Quartzite is known for its durability and resistance to scratching and staining, making it a popular choice for kitchen worktops. It is also heat resistant and easy to clean. Bianco Eclypse Granite Kitchen Worktops in London, UK is a white or light-coloured quartzite with grey or black veining, giving it a unique and elegant appearance. If you choose to use Bianco Eclypse quartzite for your kitchen worktop, it is important to seal it regularly to protect it from spills and stain

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Frequently Asked Questions

What shade is Bianco Eclypse ( Quartzite)?
The base of the Bianco Eclipse worktop is a grey quarzite with blue undertones.
What is the thickness of Bianco Eclypse (Quartzite)?
Bianco Eclipse granite is quite thick and ranges in colour from natural stone that is white to light grey.
Where is the source of Bianco Eclypse (Quartzite)?

The source of Bianco Eclypse is Brazil.

Additional uses of Bianco Eclypse (Quartzite) granite
Kitchen worktops, bathroom vanities, splashbackes, shower surrounds, floors, and outdoor.