Granite Worktops in Oxfordshire

Are you looking for the best granite worktops for the kitchen and bathrooms in Oxfordshire? When it comes to worktops options, there was a unique robust natural stone called a granite slab which is gorgeous, durable and easy to take care of. In addition to kitchen countertops, granite can also be used as a bathroom vanity top, backsplash, kitchen island top or many other home surfaces. As for the cost of the granite stone, that will depend on which exact type you choose for your worktops. Different types of granite are priced differently based on numerous factors.
Although no natural stone is cheap, granite slabs are among the less expensive options per square foot for natural stone surfaces. Granite stone has a lot of advantage with very high quality, strong in nature and easy to damage. We are the custom granite worktop suppliers in Oxfordshire having good sound of experience with top-grade material which is free of any defects thereby giving you that assurance of quality, durability and peace of mind.

Granite Kitchen Worktops in Oxfordshire

We, DialAWorkTop are happy to help you with a professionally customized worktops for your kitchen with a huge range of styles, sizes, colours, patterns and designs including the leading brand granite stones.

Latest projects which are installed at various clients

Client 1: Cosmic White Granite Worktop.

Are you Looking for a new kitchen worktop? We are here to transform your kitchen with a stunning stone worktop. For any kind of kitchen layout, we supply durable, stylish stone, cut using our precision technology for the perfect finish of customizing granite worktops in Oxfordshire who are immensely proud of our entire granite worktop installations and services.
Client 2: Absolute Black Granite

Granite Bathroom Worktops in Oxfordshire

The natural look and timeless appeal of granite has made it a popular choice of material in bathrooms and kitchens. The stunning granite worktops in our catalogue are available in a number of classic and current patterns. Make your granite worktop the centrepiece of your bathroom. Generally the price of granite worktops run higher than other materials, but with us we have made it so much more affordable, by supply it to the Uk public at trade prices.
Granite can help to redefine the space in a way that fits to the worktops installation or other finishes fail to do as it is surprisingly versatile shaped to suit most bathroom designs. All the bathroom worktops installed with our experienced team of DialAWorktop supplies templating, fabricating and specifically manufacturing for bathrooms have 100% waterproof attributes which make them suited for wet and damp environments. Our granite bathroom worktop can be trendy, durable and heat as well as stain-resistant. Get your free suggestion to transform the look and functionality of your bathroom (with Granite). It’s that easy when you shop for granite bathroom worktops in Oxfordshire at DialWorkTop.

Why Choose Us?

We are professional granite worktop specialist with industry experience of over 20 years, offering nationwide service. Our industry knowledge allows us to source and select top-grade materials. In addition to worktops, we also provide stone for bathroom projects, flooring, fireplaces and bespoke stoneworks and worktops in Essex.

1. Excellent customer service

2.Superior craftsmanship

3.Vast sizes, colours, patterns and designs available

4.Specialist in Kitchen worktops

Granite Worktops Colours in Oxfordshire

Make sure with choosing the colours of granite worktop colours for your kitchen and bathroom. When it is about having a beautiful installation as well as a durable option for your kitchen and bathroom worktops, granite worktops are the best options. The colours of granite worktops in Oxfordshire ensure to choose the best choice from the existing one. The beauty of the granite material is still forever and time cannot ever affect the elegance. The following are the most trending granite worktop colours:

1. Black Granite Worktops

2. White Granite Worktops

3. Red Granite Worktops

4. Green Granite Worktops

5. Blue Granite Worktops

6. Brown Granite Worktops

Granite countertops are more durable than other materials. Granite is tougher and most common countertop options for Kitchen, bathroom and floorings and it stands up well to regular wear and tear. Because granite is such a hard material, it resists scratches cutting on it will damage your knives. Another advantage granite has over other materials is that it resists heat. Granite countertops also save you a lot of worry about where to set down hot pans, as unlike other materials, granite will not be damaged or weakened by exposure to heat

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