White Cambria Quartz Worktops in London


Being one of the toughest minerals on the planet, quartz has become a highly sought-after material for worktops due to its strength and abundance. Although sometimes referred to as “engineered” or “man-made,” quartz is a natural stone. The percentage of natural quartz present in a slab can vary depending on the quartz manufacturer. However, Cambria is a leading brand that offers some of the highest concentrations of pure quartz, resulting in strong and compact slabs. DialAWorkTop offers various collections of White Cambria Quartz Kitchen Worktops in London, UK.

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The various white Cambria Quartz Kitchen Worktops Collections available are:

Ivybridge Cambria kitchen worktops in London: Ivybridge Cambria Kitchen Worktops feature a subtle gold shimmer and dark teal diagonal veins on an arctic white surface.

Portrush Cambria kitchen worktops in London: Portrush Cambria Kitchen worktops have a sophisticated milky white background with dramatic blue, grey, and black veins, finespun strands, and sparkling gold flakes scattered throughout.