Picking kitchen worktops is a big decision for your kitchen makeover. Marble kitchen worktops looks elegant, but there are also imitations also called a marble look quartz kitchen workshops that mimic the marble look worktops. This blog gives you an insight into the marble kitchen worktops and marble look quartz kitchen worktops, their differences that aid you in making an informed decision for your kitchen renovation and kitchen worktop installation.

Original Marble Kitchen Worktops:

Gorgeous Look:

Original marble kitchen worktops have beautiful swirls and patterns, and no two marble worktops are exactly alike. It comes in many colours, from white to black.

Classic and Fancy:

Marble kitchen worktops has been used in kitchens for a long time, and it always looks expensive and elegant.

Feels Smooth and Cool:

Marble Kitchen worktops feel nice to the touch, and it stays cool because it’s a natural stone.

Things to Consider

Needs a Lot of Care:

Marble kitchen worktops can stain easily from spills like juice or wine. You have to seal it regularly and be careful not to scratch it.

Can Chip or Break:

Marble worktop is not the toughest kitchen worktop. It can chip or scratch if you’re not careful with pots and pans.

Marble look quartz kitchen worktops

Mimics marble kitchen worktops:

These Marble look quartz kitchen worktops are made to look almost exactly like real marble kitchen worktops, with similar swirls and colours.

Tough and Easy to Clean:

Marble look quartz kitchen worktops are much harder to scratch or stain than marble kitchen worktops. You won’t need to seal it, and it’s easy to wipe clean.

More Affordable:

Marble look quartz kitchen worktops are usually cheaper than marble kitchen worktops.

Things to Consider

May Not Look Exactly Like Natural Marble Kitchen Worktops:

While it looks similar, some people can tell the difference between marble kitchen worktops and marble look quartz kitchen worktop. The patterns tend to be more uniform than marble kitchen worktops, and may lack the depth of colour variation.


Marble look quartz kitchen worktops may not look as good as new for as long as marble kitchen worktops, especially if it gets scratched a lot.


The choice between marble kitchen worktops and marble look quartz kitchen worktops ultimately hinges on personal preferences, lifestyle considerations, and budget constraints. Marble kitchen worktops exudes unmatched beauty and elegance but requires meticulous maintenance to preserve its allure. Conversely, marble look kitchen worktops offer comparable aesthetics with added durability and ease of maintenance, making it a practical choice for modern kitchens.

Whether you opt for the timeless charm of natural marble kitchen worktops or the practicality of marble look quartz kitchen worktops, DialAWorkTop kitchen worktop installers and fitters in London, ensures that your kitchen remains a culinary haven imbued with style and functionality for years to come.

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