5 Reasons Why You Should Choose Quartz instead of Granite for your Kitchen

5 Reasons Why You Should Choose Quartz instead of Granite for your Kitchen

If you are about to get a countertop for your kitchen you need to know some information about different countertop materials. Mostly, granite is the first choice for kitchen countertops but currently, there is another material getting popular in this segment. This new countertop material is quartz which is composed of silica and takes the form of a hard and crystalline mineral. If you are about to get a granite countertop, please stop for a moment and take a look at this article in which we will tell you more than five reasons why you should choose quartz instead of granite for your kitchen.

#1. Quartz is more uniform than granite

Unlike granite, the appearance of quartz is uniform which provides a consistent look to it. If you want a uniform looking appearance on your kitchen countertop then you should consider quartz over granite. Granite is a natural stone hence it does not have a uniform style as quartz. Mixing and matching patterns is much easy with quartz than with granite.

#2. Quartz is more durable than granite

Granite is a strong material but it is weaker than quartz. Though granite can withstand heat and physical impact, quartz is almost indestructible. Granite is porous whereas quartz is non-porous which makes it easy to clean especially in the kitchen countertops. Being non-porous, quartz also removes bacteria quickly from the countertop.

#3. Quartz is more environmentally friendly than granite

Granite is quarried and the process requires a lot of energy, effort and resources. if you order a granite countertop from Italy then it will involve considerable transportation. On the other hand, quartz is more environmental friendly since it is engineered and is available at local fabricators. 

#4. Is quartzite heat resistant?

You need to consider that quartz can be damaged by heat because it is not as heat resistant as granite. Though, you can make use of heating pads while placing something hot on the quartz countertop to prevent the damage. Quartz is somewhat heat resistant but can only withstand approximately 150 degrees of heat. If you place a pan directly out of the oven on the quartz countertop then it can cause permanent damage to it.

#5. The disadvantage of quartz countertops

Along with benefits, there are some disadvantages associated with quartz countertops. If not purchased from the right people, you might get low quality quartz which might disappoint you in future. The quartz countertops are not capable of taking more heat than 400 degrees F. Granite is more capable of heat resistance. If you place high heat utensils on the countertop, they might crack or get damaged permanently. Moreover, quartz cannot withstand the outdoors as its colour fades with time and the countertop might warp. In terms of kitchen countertops, quartz countertops are less durable and require heating pads to place highly heated utensils.

Benefits of Quartz Countertops

Quartz has the advantages that make it the first choice of homemakers and builders. Due to the benefits of quartz countertops, people are choosing them over granite which ruled the countertop market for a long time. The following are the benefits associated with quartz countertops:

• Minimal maintenance work is required

• Quartz is unlikely to crack

• Quartz offers natural beauty

• It provides an eco-friendly solution

• Quartz is highly durable and stylish than granite

Is quartz cheaper than granite?

Quartz and granite are priced almost similarly per square foot. Though, granite countertops have wide variations in terms of cost. At the time, granite can be much costly than quartz depending upon the pattern and colour. Other times, quartz can be more expensive depending upon the treatment it received during manufacturing. There is some expensive granite such as Andromeda and expensive quartz-like Calacatta Naples which can cost much higher than other varieties of quartz or granite. The following are the cost factors associated with quartz:

1. Colour

2. Thickness

3. Source and shipping

4. Installation

Currently, granite and quartz are competing equally with each other in the countertop market. The price, colours and styles are becoming highly subjective hence the decision is up to you. Though, the quartz countertop is being proved to be more promising in many ways than granite. In future, there will be more varieties available in the engineered stone with innovative ideas.


 Choosing the right countertop for the kitchen is very difficult because there are many options available in terms of material and design. Granite has been the first choice of people for kitchen countertops but now it is time to break the tradition and choose quartz countertops. This innovative material has much better qualities than granite and it would be a great decision to go for quartz countertops. We hope this article has improved your knowledge about kitchen countertops and why you should choose quartz instead of granite for your kitchen. 

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