There are three naturally available rocks which are useful for various building needs. One among such nature-made stones is Granite. And this granite is found in a variety of colours such as white, blue, black, beige, brown, and red. These granite colours are due to making up of various mineral compositions like quartz, mica, amphiboles, etc.., which are formed and found at a specific geographical location on the earth. In this write-up, we will look into various aspects of granite countertops along with the advantages of granite countertops.

Paisley gold granite kitchen worktops

6 Advantages of Granite Countertops:

1. Lights up spaces

Granite surfaces show off this remarkable property – they light up your kitchen spaces and hence create ambiance such as that your kitchen seems more spacious than it actually is. The magic in the white light’s properties. If you think your kitchen area is small or somewhat congested, then the perfect worktop choice for your lovely kitchen is obviously the white granite stone surface.

2. Low maintenance

Granite stone is the strongest of all naturally available stones. As a result, the granite worktops endure for a long period of time. But there is a catch: you need to seal it annually and clean it regularly. Apart from this maintenance, you do not incur anything extra for its care. Thus, the granite kitchen countertops help you see the end monetary-wise even before you begin to choose and pick a worktop for your ambitious kitchen. To exaggerate a bit, this countertop is a free-yourself-from-worry (which is borne out of unexpected maintenance bills) kind of worktop.

3. Long-lasting worktop

As mentioned in the above paragraphs, granite is formed out of the combination of quartz, feldspar, mica, amphiboles, and other minerals. The granite surface gets strength due to the slow crystallization of hot magma. That means the slower the rate of crystallization, the stronger the bond between the rock molecules. Consequently, the white granite worktops really last long. They are abrasive enough to resist scratches and are strong enough to bear a considerable amount of weight. Since the granite stone surface is the heaviest of all other natural stones.

4. Lovely choice against a white marble worktop

When you go with the white granite kitchen worktop, you get the advantage of a white marble countertop such as the richness of its look and feel coupled with the plus points of the white granite worktop – its strength and longevity. That’s like getting two birds with one shot!

5. Lots of source locations

Unlike the marble kitchen worktops(white) which are mostly sourced from the quarries in Italy, the white granite stone surface for kitchen countertops can be quarried in plenty at a number of locations around the world, as granite is the most available stone on the surface of the earth. If you go to Brazil, you will get. Or if you go to the US, you can source it. Even more so, you can possibly get one from the famous Easter Island if you can find the right stone dealer. So the stone availability directly influences the important factors like its supply, demand, and cost.

6. Low heat conductors

The granite countertops are natural heat-resistant. Since the granite stone’s recrystallization process takes place at an extremely high temperature and solidifies at an utterly slow rate. As a result, the granite worktop offers a kind of insulation to the hotness of dishes in the kitchen.

That’s all about the important advantages of the granite kitchen countertops.

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