8 Reasons To Choose Quartz Countertops For Your Kitchen

8 Reasons To Choose Quartz Countertops For Your Kitchen

As the saying goes – Everything happens in the kitchen …Life happens in the kitchen’

For  this most important space in a  house having a Quartz  worktop which is  durable  and stunning to look at  , quartz worktop for Kitchen  is a no brainer   

There are various things to consider while selecting a stone for your worktop like the Color , Pattern , what compliments  with flooring and kitchen cabinets

Every material has its own merit, today we will be looking at various reasons which make  Quartz a natural choice for your Kitchen worktop in London and anywhere else. 

What is a Quartz Worktop: 

Quartz slabs are created through a factory process with a composition of 92-95 percent natural quartz and 5-8 percent resin. This marriage of technology with naturally occurring  Quartz mineral makes Quartz surfaces  highly resistant to stain  scratch , heat in addition to lot of  designs which it comes in from Natural looking marble tops to Industrial looking quartz colours to Mirror effect quartz.

8 Reasons Quartz is a Good Choice for a Kitchen Worktop

8) Hard wearing and strong surfaces:

One of the greatest assets of quartz is its incredible durability . Quartz worktops are highly resistant to stains ,heat and corrosion. This makes them ideal for use in kitchens where there is a diverse mix of activity and use of household ingredients 

7) Hygienic surface:

Quartz worktops  do not let the bacteria, germs, or any other harmful microorganisms hold on to them because they have nonporous surfaces unlike natural stone like granite which has air holes which require sealing from time to time.

6) Quartz worktops won’t break the budget:

In all the countertop options, no other material offers such an array of price brackets as quartz does Whether you have a small or huge kitchen  countertop you want to install, quartz worktops have an answer for all worktop projects whether you require quartz worktop in London or Quartz worktop anywhere in the UK. 

5) Modern and retro:

Modern comprises superior technology which is durable , choice of designs that are unique and Retro looking which encompasses bygone era  . 

Quartz worktop for your kitchen gives you all the above and much more ! 

This feature makes it an ideal choice for Kitchen worktops in London city where we see a penchant for experiments with bold colours and loud designs , at the same time catering to a wider pool for whoever requires Quartz worktops in any other place in the U.K. 

4) Selection of finishes: 

Quartz worktop comes in lot of textures. From Shiny quartz to Matt quartz to leather quartz. It is an ever-evolving process in research and development which makes lot of textures on quartz worktop possible . 

3) Smooth & Non-porous surface:

Quartz stone is engineered and through technology  which means it does not have the natural porous quality of granite. On the other hand, quartz countertops are manufactured in such a way that they have a  non-porous surface. This in-built quality keeps your quartz worktops stain-free and beautiful for many years. 

2) Value addition to your property: 

Sturdy , Strong and Suave quartz worktops always add a value to its owner’s property , be it your dream house or an investment quartz worktop will always add extra premium  to it  . 

Quartz worktop does add a lot of value to your property due to all the above reasons. Quartz worktop in London is a  preferred choice for any project small or big. 

1) Warranty: 

All quartz worktops in London and Quartz worktop in UK comes with manufacturer’s warranty which varies from 10 – 20 years. This is an added bonus for peace of mind where quality is concerned. 

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