Steel Grey Granite Worktops

Steel Grey Granite Worktops

Steel grey granite is a steel silver coloured stone with pearl-effect crystals.Moreover, It is a dark grey colour with purple tinges, and available in different grains and veins, which add to its spectacular looks. It is an igneous rock that is quarried in different parts of the world. The size of the crystals in Steel Grey vary, adding to its uniqueness and depth. It has proven to be a very popular choice for kitchens and other areas that require high performance surfaces. In addition to strength, this stone will provide you with age and beauty because of its ability to complement most design schemes.

Steel Grey is a very durable and hard-wearing granite making it an ideal stone for a kitchen worktop.It is also suitable for other applications both interior and exterior.

It is also important to note Steel grey Granite has been used over many civilizations in construction of buildings, monuments and paving. Most recently, it has become a material of choice for decoration.

Specifications of Steel Grey Granite 

Check out the following aspects of the stone:

Real name:

Steel Grey granite

Additional names:

Silver Pearl Granite,Steel Grey Granite,Steel Gray Granite,Silver Grey Granite Steel Grey Granite.


Grey or Silver

Destination of origin:

Different parts of the World

Finished source:

Polished,leathered, honed , Satin and skin touch finishes.

Recommended usage:

Residential homes, commercial properties and restaurants.

Features of Steel Grey Granite

1. Minimal liquid absorption

2. Extremely durable

3. Available in a wide array colours, thicknesses and finishes

4. Unique appearance

5. Suitable for indoors and outdoors applications

6. Leather finished provides vintage and old-fashioned looks.

7. Easy maintenance regime.

8. Naturally strong (third strongest mineral on earth).

9. 100% natural and non-toxic.

10. Suitable for food preparation areas restaurants and healthcare facilities.

Benefits of Steel Grey Granite

1. Steel Grey Granite offers unique and exotic looks, durability and strength.Moreover, when it comes to performance, the stone is great.

2. The lack of calcium in granite ensures the stone does not etch like marble when exposed to acid present in lemons, oranges, etc.

3. Besides this, granite varies in shape, patterns and colours the Steel Grey granite is ideal for large areas such as kitchen islands as it can be installed seamlessly.

Applications of Steel Grey Granite

1. It can be used outdoors and well as indoors.

2. It is used to design an outdoor kitchen or barbecue area.

3. The range of applications including granite wet rooms, granite window sills, granite cladding and much more.

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